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      Materials science research using the novel technique of positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy. Almost any type of matter (polymer, crystal, metal, membrane, molecule) in any phase (solid, liquid, gas) can be analyzed if you have the creativity to design the sample set up and experiment. Typically, positron lifetime data is collected versus some other physical parameter (composition, temperature, age, pressure, etc.) to correlate nano-structural material changes with the experimental variable. Recent projects: 3D printed polymers, aircraft coatings, polymers under extreme pressure, bonding and molecular structure theory, nuclear structure theory.
      Foreign Languages & Literature  
      My research focuses on Spain's literature and intellectual history during the 20th century. Specifically, I have written on the 1970's upper class progressive elite "Gauche Divine" and the Transition to democracy in the turn of the decade. My current project deals with 1980's Spanish literature and its dialogue and tension with the idea of Europe and the European canon: cosmopolitanism, cultural recycling, literary "types" (the dandy, the flanĂȘur, the out cast poet, etc.) I have also worked on graphic novel, immigration, and fashion studies.
      Political Science  
      Dr. Vonnahme's research explores the psychological processes that underlie political decision making including during political campaigns. In particular, she is most concerned with the way individuals use (or do not use) information in their environment to assess political candidates and make political decisions.
      Political Science  
      My research projects examine the causes and consequences of state politics and policy, and the conduct of American elections.