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      Physics and Astronomy  
      Theoretical condensed matter physics and material sciences. Study of electronic, magnetic, optical, dynamical, structural and superconducting properties of ordered and disordered solids, interatomic bonding (including H-bonding) by a variety of theoretical and computational methods. Development of computational methods and tools for interpreting experimental data, and in predicting new materials and phenomena as part of materials informatics. In recent years, major efforts are on the following systems focusing on complex materials.
      Nursing - General  
      My primary research interests are health behaviors in communities, particularly physical activity and nutrition. I like to examine how the environment is associated with our behaviors and health, and my research tries to find ways we can intervene to make the places we live more friendly for healthy eating and being active. Current projects include: 1. Assessing food insecurity and use of SNAP among college students in Missouri 2. Examination of knowledge and use of MyPlate nutrition guidelines and wellness policies among K-12 teachers 3. Randomized controlled trial of cycling and cognitive exercises among middle-aged ICU survivors Previous projects that I would consider pursuing further: 1. Use of standing desks among college students 2. Understanding communication and health messaging among state policymakers