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      Biology - General  Oral and Craniofacial Sciences  
      The Gorski lab is located on the Hospital Hill campus and is involved in several different kinds of research projects which could be interesting to students. First, we are investigating how different structural proteins contribute to the bonding strength of enamel for dentin. Therapeutic radiation treatments weaken the enamel layer on teeth such that the enamel frequently flakes off. Despite this, our teeth do not delaminate despite chewing for as much as 90-100 years. We want to know why? Second, we have developed a mutant mouse which is born with an incomplete spine. Since this is similar to congenital scoliosis in babies, we are actively researching the causes of this developmental segmentation defect. We hypothesize the mechanism is similar to that for environmental teratogenic agents. Third, we have deleted a single gene, Mbtps1, in bone cells which causes an unusual change in skeletal muscles of aging mice--they get stronger and contract with more force even when normalized for size. Young mice do not show the muscle phenotype. We believe that if we can discover why muscle is getting stronger we could have a way to treat age-related sarcopenia in the elderly.
      Geology: volcanology, planetary geology (Mars), experimental approaches to geological problems, remote sensing, GIS, stratigraphy, mapping
      Comp, Music Theory&Musicology  
      Most of my work centers on modern American music, particularly that of the so-called Maverick composers and music for film and television. My book, Harry Partch, Hobo Composer, explores the composer and instrument builder in the 1930s and 1940s. I'm currently working on several projects concerning music for science-fiction television and film, including Firefly and Battlestar Galatica, and am beginning a project on the film music of Philip Glass.
      English Language & Literature  Women's & Gender Studies  
      My primary research interests center on feminist rhetoric and the history of women's and girl's opportunities for literacy education. I'm also interested in the teaching of writing in high schools and colleges and how educational institutions can work together to provide more learning opportunities for individuals throughout their lives. Most recently, I've been involved with museums and the ways in which they serve as educational institutions that construct public memory.
      Economics  Foreign Languages & Literature  History  Latino/Latina Studies  Graduate Studies  
      I am a historian who studies de the political culture and political economy of the Spanish Empire c. 1500-1800 although I teach Latin American history from pre-colonial times to the present. I collaborate with scholars in the economics department and I have served in many dissertation committees contending with economic development in many regions of the world.
      Nursing - General  
      As a Health Sciences professor, Dr. Grimes’s area of focus is on the health and social impacts associated with bicycling through all ages as well as the promotion of active transportation. She served as the Principal Investigator (PI) on several bicycle-focused research projects that engage diverse rider populations; an assessment of the barriers and motivators for middle to older-aged cyclists in the Kansas City metropolitan area, an in-depth exploration of the impacts of earn-a-bike programs among homeless men in Kansas City, and impacts of earn-a-bike programs among low-income South African citizens. Dr. Grimes serves on the board of BikeWalkKC since 2013 and is currently the Board President for Bike Share KC - both are nonprofits active in this arena. As an advocate for bike policy and infrastructure, Dr. Grimes participated in the National Bike Summit advocacy day in Washington D.C. to lobby for dedicated spending and policies to promote safe and accessible biking. Additionally, Dr. Grimes has served on the Women Bike KC committee, which is dedicated to increasing women’s ridership and decreasing the disparities between female and other demographics. In this role, Dr. Grimes assisted in the planning of the Women’s Bike Summit, designed to address issues shared by women bicyclists and to encourage and mobilize women to participate in their communities as riders and leaders.
      Pharmaceutical Sciences  
      My research is generally focused on bacterial cell wall biosynthesis, the effects of antibiotics on this process, mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics targeting this process, and the development of new agents targeting this process. Our research falls into the general areas of Biological Chemistry, Bio-Analytical Chemistry, and Bio-Organic Chemistry. We make heavy use of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry using AB Sciex QTrap instruments. This is amazingly powerful technology, which is now foundational to pharmaceutical and life-sciences research. We are also using chemical library screening to identify new antibacterial agents using high throughput technology. Finally, we make novel bioactive molecules using chemical synthesis methods, and use computationally aided drug discovery program which are run on the University of Missouri's Lewis4 cluster, which is a 5000 cpu cluster.