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      Economics  Women's & Gender Studies  
      My research focuses on three interrelated issues -- unequal ecological and social impacts of unfettered economic growth; feminist understanding of work in the labor market, at home and in the community; and the impacts of work on health and wellbeing. I am interested in interdisciplinary approaches to social and economic problems.
      I am a Quaternary geologist who specializes in geoarchaeology, sedimentology, and active tectonics. My research focuses on paleoenvironmental reconstruction of archaeological sites and coastal settings, characterization of present and past hurricane and tsunami deposition, and research in paleoseismology and archaeoseismology. As a field geologist, my students and I use the interpretation of aerial imagery, the collection of topographic data using digital mapping techniques, and geophysical surveys to produce detailed geologic, geomorphic, and paleoenvironmental maps. Stratigraphic data and analyses of sediment samples and artifacts collected from outcrops, trenching, excavating, and coring provide evidence to build a deeper understanding of the history and nature of tectonic, climatic, and anthropogenic environmental change through time. I direct the GAPS (Geoarchaeology, Paleoseismology, and Sedimentology) Lab. Students under my supervision have done research in México, The Bahamas, India, Jordan, Russia, and the New Madrid Seismic zone, Arkansas.
      Civil & Mechanical Engineering  
      In our Niroo PRISM lab, we are exploring experimental investigation on soft materials structure and properties relation, characterization, and manufacturing using advanced 3D printing approaches applicable to tissue engineering, drug delivery and microneedles fabrication. Other experimental setups include microfluidics, rheology, and biomaterials fabrications. Students from engineering, chemistry, biological sciences and other relevant disciplines are encouraged to apply.