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      Research Interest: Research in the Rafiee Group focuses on the development of new synthetic and catalytic electrochemical transformations. Creative use of electroanalytical techniques plays a central role in the development of these redox based reactions. Keywords: Electrosynthesis, Molecular Electrochemistry
      My research focuses on solving fundamental challenges in big data and analytics such storage, retrieval, and analysis of massive amounts of structured and semistructured data. I am very interested in designing scalable techniques for managing massive, heterogeneous datasets represented in non-relational data models like XML, RDF, and graphs. I am also interested in developing novel applications and information management techniques for the healthcare delivery.
      In the past several decades the statistical study of chaotic dynamical systems has attracted much attention of scientific communities. In such problems, the existence and computation of absolutely continuous measures associated with the underlying transformations are two important aspects of the applications of ergodic theory to applied areas. Such an invariant measure is a stationary density of the Frobenius-Perron operator with respect to the given measurable transformation. Various numerical methods need to be investigated to approximate stationary densities of Frobenius-Perron operators.
      Physics and Astronomy  
      My research interests center around the theme of computational condensed matter physics and materials science. I split my time approximately evenly between the development of computational methods and the application of them to outstanding or novel materials problems. Details about this work and the research group that I lead to accomplish it can be found at the computational physics group's web site ( and the electronic structure group's web site ( In addition to my primary materials science interests I have a host of secondary interests that run the gamut of 3D printing, complexity modeling, and the development of methods for non-traditional science education among others.
      Classical/Ancient Studies  English Language & Literature  
      My work focuses on digital humanities with specific interests in computational analysis of literary texts written in English, Ancient Greek or Latin, multispectral analysis of manuscripts and early printed books, representations of the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds in film, applying methods of network analysis to literary texts, and developing computer programs to teach Ancient Greek.