A searchable database, UR-Linked allows aspiring undergraduate researchers, scholars, and artists to connect with faculty mentors across campus. UR-Linked includes faculty profiles as well as more specific information about their research projects and artistic endeavors.

*Examples: Vietnam War, Women Composers, Astronomy, Labor Policy, Urban Education, Earthquakes, Magical Realism, Cyber-Security, Entrepreneurship

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 Project Title
More AI/ML application for biomarker discovery and predictive analysis in cancer
More Identification of novel molecular signatures in cancers
More Perceptions of Adolescent and Child Labor within the North American Agrarian Community
More Exploring the Material Culture of Tobacco Baskets
More Art and Sculpture at the Artistic/Science Interface
More Modification, Laser Patterning, and Characterization of Cellulose Materials
More Fabrication of Tissue-Like Printed Materials
More 3D printing of stimulus responsive soft-biomaterials
More SNAP for U
More MELT Team member (Molten Experiment Lab and Techniques)
More Kansas City Explores Earth and Environment
More Electronic Band Structure Decomposition and Application to FeTCNE
More Electron Effective Mass
More Interactive Electronic Band Structures for Education
More How do you form a face?
More Part-time Student Lab Assistant
More Online Privacy and the Right to be Forgotten
More Analysis of Drug Resistance Mechanisms in Pathogenic Fungi
More Rescue of TET2 Haploinsufficiency in Myelodysplastic Syndrome Patients
More Structure-Function Analysis of TET2 Mutations and Leukemia Progression