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Modification, Laser Patterning, and Characterization of Cellulose Materials

    PROF, ASOC - David VanHorn

    Contact Detail
    J. David Van Horn


    Projects in this topic will be oriented around characterizing a variety of commercial materials (cellulose-based or other) under various extreme conditions. Student will learn how to pattern and cut materials with a CO2 laser cutter. The development and deployment of quantitative measures for precision in cutting and drilling materials, and for their demisability, will be part of the project.

    Flarsheim Hall

    UMKC student; Resume and unofficial transcript; chemistry majors preferred. Interview. (It's like getting a job!)

    Project Timeline
    Projects generally last 1 term, may be extended.

    Logistics and Compensation
    CHEM 395, 399, 495, and 499 are possible with 1-3 credits (project level and amount coordinated to experience and credits amount). Some hourly work may be available depending on availability of funds, etc.

    Learn and use 2D CAD software and laser cutting system. Make test samples for testing. Develop instrument and physical experiments to test and characterize samples. Quantify results. Report in oral and written forms the results of lab work.

    Last Updated
    Aug 13, 2023

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